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The Andrew Macleod Memorial Fund

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The ‘Andrew Macleod Memorial Fund’ has been set up within CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young), with the objective of raising sufficient funding to provide future ‘cardiac screening sessions’ within the Western Isles.

CRY was founded in 1995 by Alison Cox MBE, who is currently the Chief Executive of the organisation. CRY statistics report, on average 12 young people die every week from previously undiagnosed cardiac conditions (3 to 4 are in Scotland). To reiterate, that is 12 every week!

Andrew Macleod was our Son, he was a 21 year old trainee marine engineer, in the final year of his studies, when on 21st Oct 2011, he suddenly died on board ship in Hong Kong, from a cardiac condition, of which he had no warning or symptoms whatsoever
He was subject to regular medical examinations as is a requirement for all merchant seamen, which he passed easily, but unfortunately many cardiac conditions can not be detected by a stethoscope alone, but require an ‘image’ to be taken, such as  an ‘electrocardiogram’ (ECG), or an ‘echocardiogram’ (Echo).

Cry can provide the above tests within it’s mobile screening programme, with a target age group of between 14 & 35 years.
The cost of running a screening session is currently £3,500 per day.

As well as the screening services mentioned above, CRY provide many other support services, such as fast track access to coroner/pathology services, fast track cardiac referral services, fast track athletes screening services, bereavement support & counselling including regional bereavement support days throughout the UK.

There have been a number of Island families touched by similar tragic circumstances, and we are keen to support the proposal to hold a screening event on the Island, in the hope that others may be spared the devastating loss of a loved one.

We, Andrew’s parents, thank you sincerely for your participation and support for this worthy cause, and wish you a safe and enjoyable event on the day.

Murdo & Dolina Macleod
Isle of Lewis

CRY Website: www.c-r-y.org.uk

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